Saturday, November 27
Weather: Partly Cloudy and Milder
Temperatures:  Morning low in the upper 20's, Afternoon high in the low 40's
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First thing Saturday morning (8:30am, not exactly early, but we were a little tired after working  long hours the past 4 weeks), we had to drive into Camden (40 miles round trip) to get a trailer load of decorations so we had enough decorations to work with on Sunday.  This was the only day for the weekend that was forcast to be dry enough to bring home an open trailer load of boxed decorations.
When we returned about 11am, the first thing I did was get the decorations up on the one story roof. I had to replace all the lights in the inflatable sleigh, what a pain in the butt.  This was the earliest we have ever gotten the roof decorated.  This year I decided to do it before the roof was covered with snow!!
After completing the roof decorations, Marianne and I finished up the majority of the decorations on the front porch.  Marianne and Karen put up the porch tree on Friday, and now we added the shutter wreaths, the snowflake lights, the wreath and the bow on the light.  Then we brought out the large Santa, which gave us a little more working room in the garage.  We still have to put lights on the two topiary trees, but the lights are still at work in Camden, and the other small Santa is also still in Camden.  I also can't find the small spotlight I use to illuminate the large Santa. 
When the porch was completed, Marianne and I decorated the end of the house with the wire frame stockings, snowflakes and the big wreath. I wanted to finish up all the high work so I could return the big ladder to our neighbor.
The next task to be worked on was the shrubs in front of the house.  I decided to use all new lights on the shrubs this year.  After Christmas last year, I picked up 84 packages of new lights from Wal*Mart when they went to 75% off ($0.44 per box, 100 light strings).  I  may have gone a little overboard with the lights, but looking at records from the past couple years, I don't see anything too drastically different, only an increase of about 30% from previous years.  This year there are 2,800 lights on the front shrubs.
However,  while I was working on the front shrubs, Marianne was checking the old lights to see which ones worked without needing bulbs replaced.  This gave me 8 strings of used lights to put on the shrubs by the road.  I also had some extra solid blue and solid red strings to use, so I put a string of blue on each of the cedars and a string of red on the yew just to give a different look to those shrubs from previous years.  This makes 1,100 lights on those shrubs, and I haven't put out the big globe lights yet....  Maybe I will have to put them somewhere else this year.
Well, II think that is verything we got done today.  Now we have to start working on the lawn decorations and the maple tree!!   unfortunatly, tomorrow is supposedto be miserable weather, rain & windy, but hopefully we will be able to get something done in the afternoon when conditions are supposed to improve.
Total lights to date: 9,253
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