Friday, November 26
Weather: Early Flurries, Turning Warmer and Partly Cloudy Later.
Temperatures:  Morning Low in the upper 20's, Afternoon High in the 40's
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Well, first thing Friday  morning (7am),we had to  go shopping for a few of those "great deals" offered at local stores.  When we got back home, we were both a little tired, so it was almost 11am before we actually got outside and started decorating.  First thing was to get out the big ladder and take down the halloween trim & icicle lights and replace them with the Christmas version.  While I was working on that, Marianne and her best friend Karen cleaned off the porch and put up the tree on the porch. It took me most of the afternoon to complete the high lighting on the front of the house, including putting up the 2nd story shutter wreaths and the big wreath over the front door, and complete the first floor trim lighting.  I didn't get the wreaths on the lower shutters because I had to fix the lights!.  Marianne and Karen helped pack up the halloween lights that I was taking down.
At least the weather was nice for a change.  However, it was a little cool at times in the afternoon, and my cold began to kick up a little.  I did work on the decorations until about 6:30pm, and got all the house trim lights up on the one story section of the house.
Total Lights: 3,716
Lance & Marianne Williams
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