Outside Christmas Lights 2002
Lights on Trees, House & Stuff: Lights Watts
Shrubs, Left Side 850 306w
Shrubs, Center 800 288w
Shrubs, Right Side 500 180w
Small Wreaths on Shutters (10) 350 180w
Big Wreath & JOY 286 108w
Curtain Lights, 2nd Story 500 180w
Curtain Lights, 1st Story 400 108w
Curtain Lights, Deck 150 54w
Red Lights around House 590 234w
Green Lights around House 490 198w
Swag Lights under Windows 280 144w
Swag Lights on Garage 420 216w
Lighted Window Frames (8) 480 216w
Wrapped Lights on Maple Tree 1,750 630w
Gold Ball Lights on Maple Tree 1,000 360w
Arch Lights under Maple Tree 200 72w
Arch Lights down Sidewalk 150 54w
Pathcicles down Driveway 600 216w
Shrubs by Road 700 252w
Ball Lights on Shrubs by Road 90 90w
Ball Lights on Shrubs in Triangle 90 90w
Blue Lights on Weeping Cherry Tree 1,000 360w
Snowflakes on Side of House (6) 300 108w
Snowflakes on Front Shrubs (4) 200 72w
Garland on Front Door 50 18w
Garland on Family Room Door 50 18w
Garland on Mailbox 150 54w
Ball Frames on Shepherd Hooks 300 108w
Net Lights on Fountain in Back Yard 300 108w
Rope Lights on Deck 425 297w
Swag Lights on Deck 300 108w
Ball Light on Deck 100 36w
Globe Lights on Vine on Deck 200 72w
Spiral Trees on Deck (2) 400 144w
Topiary Trees on Porch (2) 140 72w
Christmas Tree on Porch 600 216w
Wreath on Porch 150 54w
Star Lights on Tree on Porch 100 36w
Snowflake Lights on Porch 100 36w
Reindeer Reigns 200 72w
Candy Cane Lane along Sidewalk 208 72w
Wreath on Left Side of House 200 72w
Tree in Planter in Triangle Shrubs 100 36w
Total for Lights on Trees, House & Stuff: 16,256 6,345w

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